The astonishing story of Amaury Rivera and what he was told after he was abducted near Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

Gray Apocalypse was inspired by an abduction event in Puerto Rico in May 1988. Amaury Rivera, a resident of Cabo Rojo in southwest Puerto Rico, claimed his alien abductors showed him an image of an enormous asteroid striking the Caribbean Sea near Puerto Rico, a catastrophe they predicted for the near future that would cause universal destruction and leave only a remnant of human civilization.

Rivera spoke about his experiences in a documentary by German filmmaker Michael Hesemann: UFOs: The Secret Evidence. He claimed he was taken from his car about 4:30 in the morning of May 8 and found himself aboard a spacecraft along with fourteen other people. A human looking alien with long black hair showed them holographic images that gave an idea of the alien’s home planet. Then came the hologram showing Earth’s destruction.

Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico (circled area)

Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico (circled area)

Abduction stories are usually easy to dismiss, but that is not so in the case of Amaury Rivera. When he found himself back in his car, the sun was out. In the sky, he heard jets and when he looked up, he saw three U.S. fighter jets — F-14 Tomcats — harassing a disk-shaped object that he estimated was about 100 yards in diameter. Rivera assumed it was the same spacecraft he had been aboard. In the car, he happened to have a Pocket Instamatic camera that he had been taking pictures with at a nightclub the evening before. He snapped a series of photographs that show a U.S. fighter jet in close proximity to the spaceship. Five of those photographs are reproduced here. It is for you to judge their authenticity.

In the documentary, Rivera talks about how he went public with his experience and how men who claimed to be with the CIA and brandishing a search warrant tore through his home trying to find the photographs and negatives. They couldn’t find them: He had taped them to the ceiling of the doghouse, and the agents didn’t think of searching there.

Rivera’s abduction and the grim warning of a coming cosmic disaster was the spark for Gray Apocalypse. I started playing the “What if?” game. What if the predicted asteroid strike did not involve a natural catastrophe, but an induced one? What if an alien species intended to bring an end to the human race via a diverted asteroid? What would be their motive? Was this the 2012 doomsday prophesy? What if Rivera’s abduction was the only way other aliens could give advance warning to the human race so that the planet could prepare a defense? Scientists say that with enough advance warning, measures could be taken even with today’s technology to prevent an asteroid from striking Earth. But how could a diverted asteroid be countered? Would there be enough time?

Within a month, I had the story plotted out and started writing. I now offer you Gray Apocalypse.

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