What is this sci-fi thriller about?

Menacing aliens, a catastrophic asteroid, the imminent end of the world: these are the sensational elements that Gray Apocalypse fuses together in a spine-tingling thriller that will keep you turning the pages. In this tale of heroic and redemptive action, not-of-this-world creatures have engineered a race of hybrids that will inherit the earth once the human race has been eliminated via an induced cataclysm.

The time has come. Can anyone stop them?

How the threat is dealt with is what this unique and highly entertaining novel is all about.

What they are saying about Gray Apocalypse:

“Vivid, fast paced and imaginative,” David Brin, Hugo and Nebula award-winning science fiction author and frequent guest on History Channel and Nova documentaries about astronomy and astrophysics.

“James Murdoch has written a suspenseful, action-packed thrill-ride that ranks with the best of the X-Files…conspiracy, military SF, an intricate plot and interesting heroes make Gray Apocalypse a genuine page-turner!” Best-selling SF author, Mark (James Axler) Ellis, creator of the Outlanders series.

“(Gray Apocalypse) has few wasted words and moves along with magnificent pacing. … a rollicking good roller-coaster of an adventure.” Georganna Hancock of Blogcritics Magazine.

“Treading cagily in the zone between the pit of deep-seated fears and the summit of knowledge, the author opens us up to what the world might look like if the UFO/alien conspiracies were true. … a damned good adventure story.” Doug Porter, reviewing for The Daily Kos and OBrag.org.

“For any aficionado of apocalyptic stories, this cinematic tale must be on their shelves.” Geoff Nelder, co-editor of Escape Velocity magazine and award-winning science fiction author of Escaping Reality and Exit, Pursued by a Bee.

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