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The historic lighthouse at Cabo Rojo and its importance to this fast-paced story

Imagine the dome of a small observatory built on top of the tower of the historic lighthouse at Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico. Also imagine that a potent weapon is hidden inside the tower that is intended to deflect an asteroid big enough to destroy Earth and that the fuel for the weapon is Element 115, ununpentium — the same element that fuels the alien spacecraft.

Imagine further that the fuel for the weapon is hidden somewhere in Texas. The hero must find it and then discover where in Puerto Rico he must go with it in order to power the weapon to deflect the asteroid the aliens have diverted. Their goal: to strike Earth with it to destroy all human life.

The hero has only three days to accomplish all of this. The aliens and their earthly conspirators try to do everything in their power to stop him. How he finally succeeds makes Gray Apocalypse one of the most exciting sci-fi thrillers ever written.