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Crowd sourced satellite project seeks UFO disclosure

(OPEN MINDS TV) — A group of techies has started an Indiegogo crowd sourcing campaign to fund a fleet of tiny satellites to search for UFOs in orbit.

The campaign is called “CubeSat for Disclosure – Low-Earth Orbit Satellite” and is utilizing off-the-shelf technology to develop a relatively cheap observation platform in space.

There are several companies that offer equipment for what are called CubeSats, also referred to as nanosatellites. These are small satellites that offer an affordable way for students, researchers, and private companies to have their own little satellite. The cubes measure 10x10x10 centimeters. Read more »

Obama ‘alien contact’ quip fuels rumours 2016 WILL be the year of UFO disclosure

(UK EXPRESS) — Obama, who will give up office in January 2017, was put on the spot by a six-year-old girl who pulled no punches during a Q&A at a filming of the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

The direct youngster, Macey Hensley, asked Obama about the fabled “Book of Secrets” from the 2007 National Treasure movie of the same name starring Nicholas Cage, reported The Wall Street Journal.

In the film the legendary book is said to contain details about the top-secret military “alien base” Area 51 and the assasination of President Kennedy, and Obama has previously joked about having seen it. Read more »